Recycle Program

If you have a a laptop, desktop, or mobile device you no longer use, we can help you find it a new home or prepare it for recycling. As technology continues to rapidly change; and we continue buy the newest, better and faster devices.  But what do we do with the old stuff? Our e-waste is piling up in our offices, homes, and worse our landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 200 million pieces of computer-related e-waste are being generated annually. Yet, only 18 percent is being recycled, which leaves over 150 million pieces of equipment in our landfills each year. We are working with local and regional recycling programs to help give these devices a second life.

We prefer to donate your no longer used computer or mobile device to a family or charity in our community. However, if we feel the computer is just too old or cost prohibitive to use, we will prepare it for proper recycling.

Cell Phone for Soldiers

Apple Recycling Program