iPhone Repair

We can repair almost everything that may break on your iPhone. All repairs are done in our shop and most repairs take about an hour. Some of the most common fixes are: 

  • Cracked ScreeniPhone 5 broken screen
  • Charging Issue
  • Home Button
  • Power Button
  • Volume Button
  • Back Housing
  • Headphone jack
  • Back or front camera
  • Ear Piece/Proximity Sensor

To help us determine the parts needed to repair your iPhone, we will need to know the exact model. You can find this by looking on the back of the iPhone as show here iPhone model type.

iPhone Repair Prices

 iPhone 7 Plus
Screen Repair: $200.00
 iPhone 7
Screen Repair: $180.00
 iPhone 6S Plus
Screen Repair:$135.00
 iPhone 6S 
Screen Repair: $120.00
 iPhone 6 Plus
Screen Repair: $110.00
 iPhone 6
Screen Repair: $100.00
 iPhone 5S

Screen Repair: $80.00

 iPhone 5C
Screen Repair: $80.00
 iPhone 5
Screen Repair: $80.00
iPhone 4/S
Screen Repair: $70.00