Stop Passing the Hoax and Check Your Privacy

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Stop Passing the Hoax and Check Your Privacy

Stop Passing the Hoax and Check Your Privacy

Recycling can be good but not if it’s a hoax. Every couple of years we see an old hoax come back, updated as needed, and people continue to believe it and share it on their social media sites.

I’ve seen several posts on my Facebook Timeline from others “warning” friends that Facebook will make ALL you posts public even deleted ones. The first thing to know, if it sounds unbelievable then it’s probably unbelievable. The other facts, Facebook is a business and publicly traded stock. As a business their product is you and your information; and it’s used to target paid advertisements at you. Also, they won’t do anything to jeopardize the value of the stock. They have enough access to your information which you give them every time you post, they don’t need to bring up your past.

So, if you feel that you have something so incredible that just has to be shared on your social media, take a couple of minutes and research it.

Now about your privacy. Today is a good time to review your privacy settings and learn what happens to your data when you post and share on your Facebook Timeline.

To access your settings: “Click in the upper-right corner of your Facebook page. Select Settings from the dropdown menu. Select Privacy on the left. Click a setting (ex: Who can see your future posts?) to edit it.”

For more information visit Facebook’s Help Center.

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