Smartphone and Electronics Insurance

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Smartphone and Electronics Insurance

No one likes to think of insurance because it conjures up bad thoughts. However, over the years of repairing iDevices, laptops, and game consoles only a handful of customers have been covered by insurance. As with auto, home, and health insurance;  insurance for a smartphone is often thought of as “a waste of money”; until you need it. A broken screen on a laptop or iPhone is actually a hardware repair, but I describe it to customers as a “cosmetic” repair.  It’s something that is often easily repaired with no threat of loss to the device. However, a dip in the pool, a drop in the toliet, or getting ran over; most often results in a non working device.
  This is when having the right coverage can mean a little money, or a whole lot of money. The most common insurance most owners have is thru the cellular service provider (because they earn commissions on the sale). For iPhone owners, they can opt for Apple Care. You may also check with your credit card company as some offer insurance on your purchases. There are also third party companies who offer insurance as well, and the one I recommend over all the others, including service providers and Apple Care, is Squaretrade. They not only cover smartphones, they cover practically everything electronic.  

Like auto, life, and health insurance, a little due diligence is required to make sure your needs are meet within a reasonable cost when shopping for your iPhone or other electronic insurance coverage. Later this week I’ll post some comparisons between the insurance provider, particularly for iPhones since the new iPhone 7 will be released on September 16th.

In the meantime here’s a link you may use to start your own comparisons, and save a little money. Not having insurance is not a big deal until the day your $700 iPhone becomes a paperweight.

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