Critical iOS Update Released

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Critical iOS Update Released


Apple released an out of cycle update for all iOS devices late this afternoon (Aug 25, 2016). The update closes 3 vulnerabilities that allows an attacker to open a device often known as “Jailbreak”, and perform whatever actions they deem.

It’s being reported the vulnerability named “Trident” has been used by some governments to spy on targeted people and groups. In order for the exploit to be launched, a user must be social engineered or tricked into clicking a link that will execute the attack without the user even knowing it just occurred.

This update 9.3.5, should be installed immediately. You can do so via download thru iTunes or over the air on your iPhone or iPad. On your iPhone/iPad go to “Settings” – “General” – “Software Update”. As allows, make sure to perform a back up prior to updating.

Read more about the vulnerability here:

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