What’s Your Password…Manager

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What’s Your Password…Manager

password_stickiesIf you are reading this, then you are on the internet;  if you are on the internet then you probably have multiple accounts that require a username and password.

 The average user has 60 online accounts, 5 social media accounts, 4  financial accounts, 2 email accounts, and numerous one-time use accounts. Here’s the bad part; the average number of passwords used for all online accounts, 2. Here’s how it gets worse, the average user doesn’t use a complex password, and the password will more than likely fall into the top 10 worse passwords list.

By now you should be asking yourself “What do I need to do to become better at managing passwords?” Well just in time for your needs; I’ll start a series of short posts about how to use Password Managers, Password Generators, and best practices for one-time use accounts.

The best part, I’ll be give away a one year subscription to Password Manager tool.