July, 2016

And the Survey Says…

And the Survey Says…

First, a thank you to those who participated in the MaxM Technology, Survey Monkey online survey. The results are in and a few questions have unexpected results while others are expected. Below I’ve briefly commented on each question and its results followed by a link that you can use to view the survey results in depth.

Question 1

The targeted ISP companies were represented almost equally in this survey.


Question 2

The results for this question I think are probably off. With ATT leading in the first question by 51%, the result here should be 51% or even lower, unless all participants are actually on Uverse. Perhaps some of the Wi-Power users answered that their service is High Speed.


Question 3

This was one of the key questions, and the result was as I expected. Since ATT opened their Uverse service to the entire town, internet speeds and reliability have dropped proportionally. My service has gotten better than it was a couple of months ago, but in the late evenings, my service is horribly slow, when by .


Question 4

This one surprised me. I didn’t expect the responses to be this high, net even 50 percent. Good job to those who know how to do this much in knowing how to test their ISP speeds. However, we are going to be working on this one in the next post.


Question 5

So here is where we begin with helping those 95.7% who would test their internet speeds again, or for the first time. Watch for a post later this week, where we begin the next phase in help you learn about your network.


Question 6

Across the four options, the results are pretty close. However, anything below a rating of “Very Good”, does not look favorably on the ISP. With that said, a combined percentage of 75 I’d consider not satisfactory.


Question 7

The only reason for this question was to help ensure the participants were within the survey area. The focus of this survey is intended for Canadian and the surrounding area serviced by the ISP’s.


The survey provided a large of input from your our customers and future customers as needed. Our intent is to take this information and find the best way we can help ensure as customers of the area ISP, we are getting what we pay for and its a reliable, satisfactory service as provided by whomever the ISP.


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