February, 2016

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
Now selling tempered glass screen protectors for iPhones and iPads. These are made to protect the screen from damages and are reinforced to increase shock absorbency. The entire surface of the glass is transparent and the back side is covered with a strong silicon adhesive for easy installation. When installed, there are no gaps between the LCD and the glass which means the touch screen’s sensitivity is unaffected.
– Ultra Slim Thickness
– Creates a layer of protection
– Light Penetration Ratio 93.7%
– Strong hardness and anti-scratch
– Helps prevent costly screen repair costs
– Anti-fingerprint and Oleophobic Coated
Available for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus.
Also available for iPads 2, 3, 4 and iPad Air.
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Apple Owns Up to Error 53

Apple Owns Up to Error 53

For the past year some owners have been stumped by an Error 53 when updating their iPhones. Apple had never came out to say exactly why this error occurs, until about a week ago. Initially they were claiming it was related to a security feature with the Touch ID or home button. This feature renders the iPhone locked, or commonly referred to as “bricked”, but essentially useless. Finally, after several users complaints, and a Class Action Lawsuit being filed. Just today, Feb 18, Apple released a patch to iOS 9.2.1.

If you have and iPhone affected by the Error 53, you should be able to recover from it by plugging your iPhone into your computer and iTunes will download the patch; this is not a full iOS update. Then follow the steps given by iTunes. So far, I have had a 100% recovery with the stack of iPhone 6 and 6Plus’s from my customers who had brought them to me for help. I will be notifying those customers to come pick up their iPhone once the other repairs have been completed.


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