Facebook Permission Notice – Hoax

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fb hoax dislikeIt’s the new year, but yet old hoaxes still resurface. The current hoax hitting the internet pertains to Facebook and Users posting a Permission Notice to their wall.  This one actually goes back as far as 2010. I’m not putting the very lengthy “notice” here, but a quick summary is as a Facebook user you no longer allow FB to use any content from your wall.

Every social media platform, every app, and all software, have a use and policy statement, often know as a end-user license agreement (EULA). It is presented to the user,  who must agree to the terms by checking  a box, or some other method. This alone would predate any new notice you might want to publicly decree in regards to what you allow to be used or shared by the software or company.

Me not being a layer, will not attempt to go into the legality of the “notice”; nor how it doesn’t really even applies. If as a user you are truly concerned about your privacy and protection of your personal information; you’d better take the time to read the EULA. Better yet, let your lawyer read it and give you the breakdown. A quick Google search will return several pages of this hoax with the top return belonging to Snopes – Facebook Privacy Notice. To read what Facebook has to say, follow this link for Facebook Terms and Policies.

If you are going to be on Facebook you should be aware of what your account settings are and how you can control who sees your posts and how other applications and company can use your information. In a future post, I’ll provide information that can help you check and update these settings.


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