Ring, Ring Its Not Microsoft Calling

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Ring, Ring Its Not Microsoft Calling

This scam has been going on for several years. I have had three clients this past week call stating they have received this call, and in fact yesterday I received the call.

Scammers use publicly available phone directories and the names associated with those numbers, so it seems they do a geographical area attack. They call their target posing as a Microsoft Tech Support employee then ask to speak to the owner of the computer. Often to help garner your trust they will use the name associated with the phone number, and start the call off cordial. Then they go into the pitch of why they are are calling: your computer is infected, has been hacked, or your computer has been reported to have other issues.

Next they direct you to a website and ask you to click on a link, at that point remote software is installed on your computer which gives them complete access and control to your computer. Remember these guys are scammers, this is how they make their living, so they will talk to you as they go through your system showing you logs that are really in the computer, but they will try to convince you that these are errors. During clean ups after these type of calls, I have often found fake logs and reports which they downloaded to help convince you that your computer has a problem.

At this point they pretend to be fixing your computer as they start looking for any type of financial records, document with passwords, or something to give them further access to your information. In some cases they have installed keyloggers which is software that records your keyboard entries and that information is uploaded to a predesignated site which they then have every word you’ve entered into your computer. This is another way they get your usernames and passwords or other information to gain access to your other accounts.

Once they are finished they will ask for your credit card information and bill your card for their “services” which I have seen from $60 to $250 depending on what they offer to sell you. Oh, and now guess what, they have your credit card info.

What To Do
When they call the number will show as private if you happen to answer the call, just hang up. They will often call back a couple more times and attempt to get you on the phone just ignore it, they will move on to another number.
Have you ever received this call? If so leave a comment and share it to help others.

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