Microsoft Extends XP Support of Microsoft Security Essentials

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Microsoft Extends XP Support of Microsoft Security Essentials

I have many customers still on Windows XP, and over the past year I’ve been letting everyone know that Microsoft will end support for XP on April 8, 2014. This means you will no longer receive security updates for the operating system. And this is bad. After the support date passes, your risk of receiving malware will quickly elevate. Those seeking to target XP users with malware will find holes in the antiquated operating systems and craft virus, malware, spyware, and rootkits (VMSR) to compromise those weak points. Thus you become more likely to receive malware and become infected, lose data, and private information.

However, Microsoft announced they will extend the support of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) with XP until July 14, 2015.

With Microsofts extended support, you will continue to get updates to MSE which will help keep you secure with anti-virus updates. But the operating system will be no longer receive updates.

You, our customer, should be concerned. Although XP has been a solid operating system, it is very outdated in features, looks, and most importantly security. The security of an operating system is critical to the security of your private data and XP lacks that ability now.

In addition, if you have XP on your computer then its probably several years old. This increases the risk of hardware failure, data lose, and productivity time loss due to slower processing capabilities of the computer. So its time to move on, and I recommend you to consider purchasing a new computer. If you need help with this process we can assist you in determining the best computer for your needs. Please contact us at any of our social media sites, or by plain old email.



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