Target Credit Card Breach – Have You Been Breached?

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Target Credit Card Breach – Have You Been Breached?

By now this is old news in the world of Tech Security. If you shopped at Target around Nov 27th thru Dec 5th, hopefully you’ve been notified by your credit card processor if your information has been compromised. The source of the breach was the card swipe readers. So if you swiped a card thru it, your information was captured by criminals. By now its been sold for pennies on the dollar.

As a safety measure you should cancel any card used at Target during those dates. In addition you should check your card and bank statements for unauthorized charges and report any fraudulent charges.

A few tips to help secure your credit and banks cards from unauthorized use:

1. Use one card for online purchases
2. Check your statements monthly
3. For bank debit cards – keep only enough funds in the account to cover your purchases
4. Cancel and have new cards reissued at least once a year. Maybe twice a year if you purchase online from international business

For more info on the Target Breach read:

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